Day 21: Snake

your supple skin and suckling mouth provide not-so-subtle subterfuge, summoning sweet nothings sprinkled with secret sin.  it sticks with me, slips into me, stiffens me like a sting to the spine.  to me, your sexuality is second only to your sense of savoring words with your lips like some delicious sweet.  you’re slick, you see, a slithering, slightly scary but exhilarating symbol for something so sensual and sinister.  i swim in your scent, i sit soaked in sweat, swathed in your satin sheets.  i stay, stunned from your touch, speechless from your spry body and the sly way you’ve entwined mine.




One Comment to “Day 21: Snake”

  1. I love your sexy posts, haha ❤

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